Or Tea? x Sift Clair De Lune Mooncake Gift Box
Or Tea? x Sift Clair De Lune Mooncake Gift Box
Or Tea? x Sift Clair De Lune Mooncake Gift Box

Sift and Or Tea?™ have jointly crafted a limited edition of this one-of-a-kind fusion mooncake box set Clair de Lune for this mid-autumn. It’s hip with a traditional touch, the sweetness bites cleansed by the earthy tone of Pu’er tea, soft handmade chocolate pound cakes combined with the crunchiness of almonds. Clair de Lune will surely be one of the most sought after gifts this mid-autumn. Get yours now while stock last. 

Clair de Lune box set includes 1 tin canister of Or Tea?™ Slimming Pu'er tea and 4 pieces of Sift handmade chocolate mooncake.

Or Tea?™ Slimming Pu'er
Earthy, woody, pleasantly smoky aroma with a hint of marigold, giving you a full bodied and mellow unique taste of Pu’er, best companion for greasy food or sweets.

Crunchy Almonds 

Milk Chocolate Mooncake
The smooth milk chocolate filled with almond crunch and caramel, building layers of flavors with an endless aftertaste.

Earl Grey 

Dark Chocolate Mooncake
A unique composition blends of earl grey tea’s aroma, pairing with the rich dark chocolate ganache, promised an unprecedented taste experience.

Terms and Conditions

  • Orders placed on or before Aug 23 will receive an early bird offer of US$38.20 per box.

  • Redemption coupons of your purchase will be sent via mail to the registered address online.

  • Box sets can be redeemed from Aug 19 to Sep 20, 2019 at any of the Sift Cupcake stores near you: siftdesserts.com/location

  • Delivery can be specially arranged at a fee.

Caffeine Level